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Dampseal SBSA is a solvent based deep penetrating sealer, that is oil and water repellent. It is ideal for high density concrete floors and paving. Partly being a derivative of Pavex, it offers the same high protection qualities. Dampseal SBSA is formulated with a Silane/Siloxane blend, also incorporating a biocide which inhibits algae and fungal growth, this appears as a low sheen finish.

The life of Dampseal SBSA is around 5 to 7 years before a light recoat is required under heavy traffic conditions.

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Dampseal SBSA is suitable for:

  • Arena Stone
  • Fremantle Stone
  • Living Stone
  • Urban Stone
  • Ultra Stone
  • Rema stone
  • Commercial Concrete floors (Engineered - High Density)
  • All types of concrete structures
  • Low porosity (smooth dense surfaces)


Dampseal SBSA can be easily applied by the home handy-person, or by one of our approved applicators.

The surface should be high pressure cleaned for the removal of all dirt and stains, even if the pavers ere new. This will also remove the oily release agent used in the moulds. Allow to dry for at least 3 days before applying sealer.

Ensure no rain is forecast for 24hrs after application.

The product can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray only. (Roller is preferred). A brand new high quality 25mm NAP roller is recommended.


Dampseal SBSA applied to dense paving will on average cover 4.0m2, which is inclusive of 2 coats.


Brushes and rollers will wash up with Xylene Thinners.

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