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Efflorex is a solvent based proprietary liquid formulation, scientifically designed to neutralise white efflorescence on masonry brick surfaces.

Efflorescence can occur by many causes, mostly by the migration of water through the porosity (absorption) of the substrate.

When attempting to remove this type of white powdery substances from walls or floors, whether it is clay, cement or limestone, acids are generally used to dissolve these types of salts, but this can encourage more efflorescence and also bleach the true colours.

When Efflorex is applied to masonry surfaces, it is not recommended to use any other sealants or paints on the treated surface.

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The other advantages of using Efflorex are:

  • It acts as a water repellent sealer but still allows the brick surface to breathe; and
  • It exhibits high non-stick characteristics, it is ideal as a graffiti shield. Graffiti will easily be removed using high pressure water or hot high pressure water. Areas of removal should have a light reseal of Efflorex after the graffiti is removed.


Efflorex can be easily applied by the home handy-person, or by one of our approved applicators.

The surface should be scrubbed with a stainless steel wire brush to remove the white powdery substance. Remove dust and loose material using a high pressure blower such as a Garden Blower. Make sure the surface is bone dry before applying Efflorex.

Ensure no rain is forecast for 24hrs after application.

The product can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray only (roller is preferred). A new high quality 25mm NAP roller is recommended.


Efflorex is guaranteed to perform for a minimum of 5 years, so long as the required quantity about 3m2 per litre which is inclusive of 2 coats is used and applied to a dry surface.


Brushes and rollers will wash up in Xylene Thinners.

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